Afterschool Programs

Serving All Greater Charleston Area Afterschool Programs

All programs are totally hands-on and totally participatory by each child. All programs are geared for the kindergarten through fifth grade child.

Our programs last for 30-minutes. We can accommodate as many 30-minute programs as necessary to meet the needs of your school. Many programs provide take home materials and each child will receive a science certificate.

The cost of this science and high technology experience is $5.00 per child, with a $200.00 program minimum. All materials are included in this supply intensive, educational and FUN science experience.

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Afterschool Programs

Rock 'n 'Roll©
Discover the wonderful world of rocks. Pan for gems, become a real geologist as you classify your rocks. Take home an assortment of realbeauties, maybe even gold!

Edible Science©
Science like you've never seen or tasted. Use droppers to make gummy candies! Quench your thirst for knowledge by mixing your own soda! Feed your brain with many yummy experiments!

Spills & Chills©
Uncover the mysteries behind some of our disasters. Make your very own oil spill and clean it up. Keep your feet on the ground as we discover earthquakes, and acid rain!

Lab 101©
Safely mix chemicals to make your own silly putty! Learn all about acids and bases with our special indicator as chemicals change color instantly. It's not magic, it's science!

Flight Command©
Let the force be with you as we launch rockets! Make your own helicopter, and taste some real astronaut ice cream!

Dinosaur Daze©
Become a paleontologist and make a fossil rubbing. See and touch real fossils. Make your own clay fossil to keep!

Bubble Blast©
Have fun doing bubble tricks and playing bubble games. Learn the basics of bubble making and bubble blowing. Create cool bubbles and take home your bubble blower.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs©
Use magnifying glasses and microscopes to examine real bugs! See like an insect sees. Learn about exoskeletons and metamorphosis as you touch live insects!

Become a volcanologist and make your own model volcano. Discover the Ring of Fire. Explore the awesome world of volcanoes as we move magma and erupt them!

Put some science into your Afterschool Program with High Touch High Tech!

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

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