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Science Experiences That Come To You!

Magnet Makers©
Get "attracted" to the magnificent world of magnets. Use repulsion to push magnetic cars and make rings float. Make funny iron faces and use forcefield tubes. May the force be with you as we use electromagnets.

Chemistry Sensations©
Roll up your sleeves and make some silly putty to take home with you! Watch cool chemicals flow as you explore chemical changes.

Short Circuit©
Use your body's electricity to complete a human circuit! Learn what's "current" as you connect light bulbs to batteries and much more.

Sounds Like Fun©
"Tune in" to the science of sound. Check out our wave modulator. Use tuning forks to make salt dance on a mock ear drum! Hear sound through your bones!

Dino Daze©
Become a paleontologist as we use dinosaur models to make fossil imprints of our extinct friends. Make a fossil rubbing and observe real fossil bones. Dig for a real shark tooth fossil to keep!

Wacky Water©
We'll be splishin' and a splashin' as we make water fly with tuning forks! Understand about water pressure as we experiment with fountains and cartesian divers.

Mission Control©
Launch water rockets and actually become part of the launch pad! Find out how much you weigh on the moon! Eat real astronaut ice cream. Make a paper helicopter to take home and fly.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs©
Creepy, crawly, weird and wacky. Discover the life of insects and arachnids. View the world as an insect through dragonfly eyes! Get excited as we touch real bugs! Our live critters will amaze you!

Weather Wizards©
Put your hand through a cloud and spin an F5 tornado. Test your strength against the suction of a tornado and learn the science of air pressure by blowing up an 8 foot bag with one breath!

Light Fever©
Pull out your psychedelic glasses to meet ROY G BIV. See what the waves all about as we learn about light and how it travels. Use prisms, convex and concave lenses to see things like you've never seen before!

Still offered upon request:
Volcanoes - seismology
Gold Rush - geology
Edible Science - yummyology

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